Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Update

I spent this week mostly working on Sunflowers. I did stitch a little on Fish City and Living with Charm, but no pictures this week, since I didn't feel I'd worked on them enough to show much progress.

I also did some knitting on my scarf, but since the pattern is the same all the way along, it felt pointless to take a picture. I did measure it, and it is now 31 inches long. So, what is a good length for a scarf? I know at 29 inches I thought I was about halfway done, but I admit I've been working at it long enough that I'm quite ready to be done with it, but I know that this length is definitely not long enough. I think I need to plan to knit at least one pattern repeat each day until it's done - just enough to keep making progress on it, but also allows for me to spend some time working on something else :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

2 Starts

I have wanted to start these two projects for quite a while now, and I started them on the same day! I hope to have some significant progress to show on Monday.

1) The project: Sunflowers by Annie Beez

Materials: DMC threads, 28 ct Nordic Blue Jobelan by Wichelt
Started: March 22, 2010

My progress:

2) The project: Living with Charm by Lizzie*Kate

Materials: DMC threads, 28 ct Lambswool Jobelan by Wichelt

Started: March 22, 2010

My Progress:

In knitting, no further progress on my scarf. With the weather turning nicer, it's hard to get motivated to knit winter items. Instead, I'm thinking about spring and summer items to start. Now, I'm anxiously waiting to find the Spring/Summer Knit Simple in stores. I've found at least two tops that I'm interested in trying to knit for myself. See a preview here.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fish City Update

I stuck it out working on the big blue building on the right, and at least finished it onto the next page. It was a nice change working on the orange fish yesterday, and I went back and finished up some of the eyes on the other fish that I'd had to set aside because I was out of white. I'm not sure how much progress I'll make on it this week - I'll be starting a new project today, I think. I need to buy some new fabric first though, so I'm off to the LNS soon.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I feel like starting something new. I'm still enjoying stitching Fish City, and I'm not ready to set it aside, but I have two other projects that I would love to get started on. I just would need to figure out a rotation that would work well so that no project gets neglected. The projects: Sunflowers by Annie Beez, and Living with Charm by Lizzie*Kate. I think I'll kit them up both up, and maybe start them sometime this week.

I have been working on Fish City this week. Update coming tomorrow!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The 15 Year Project

The 15 year project is so dubbed because I honestly think it will take me that long. I've been progressing at less than a page per year, and unless I give myself a kick in the pants, it will likely take me even longer than that.

The project: Fish City
Materials: DMC threads, 14 count White Aida

Started: May 27, 2006

My progress thus far:

The Scarf

I am knitting myself a scarf. This scarf will match the mittens I knit just before Christmas. Since the snow is nearly gone, I am finally recognizing that this scarf will not be ready for this winter liked I'd hoped. My new goal: have it ready before the temps drop below zero in Oct/Nov 2010.

The pattern: Grandma's Scarf by Andrea F. Sommer

The yarn: Ram Wools Selkirk in Quoddy Blue

Started: January 30, 2010

My progress: currently measures 29 inches, so about halfway done

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Welcome To My Journal!

I've tried blogging before, and it's been sporadic. I've tried keeping a journal of craft projects (specifically cross stitch projects), and I've struggled to update it when I finish a project, or start a new one. I've decided to combine the two, and we'll see if this endeavor proves more successful.

To start, some goals:
  1. Post weekly progress updates on craft projects, with pictures.
  2. Post the start of new projects, complete with details on materials used.
  3. Keep up goals #1 and #2 for 6 months.

The first progress update...hopefully tomorrow.