Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Update

I spent this week mostly working on Sunflowers. I did stitch a little on Fish City and Living with Charm, but no pictures this week, since I didn't feel I'd worked on them enough to show much progress.

I also did some knitting on my scarf, but since the pattern is the same all the way along, it felt pointless to take a picture. I did measure it, and it is now 31 inches long. So, what is a good length for a scarf? I know at 29 inches I thought I was about halfway done, but I admit I've been working at it long enough that I'm quite ready to be done with it, but I know that this length is definitely not long enough. I think I need to plan to knit at least one pattern repeat each day until it's done - just enough to keep making progress on it, but also allows for me to spend some time working on something else :)

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