Monday, November 15, 2010

I should be in bed

...but my mind just wouldn't stop when I was lying in bed. Instead I am up enjoying a cup of tea which will hopefully relax/calm me, and I'll be ready to sleep when I go to bed in a little bit.

I spent some time this weekend going through my piles of cross stitch magazines, making note of any wintry/Christmassy designs I'd like to do. I'm giving in, and I am going to start something new that is wintry/Christmassy. (Maybe I should post that list here; it would be interesting to look back in a year or two, and see whether I've done anything on the list, or if those designs still make it on my "must do" list.) I think I'll start with an ornament for a quick finish - I really think it's been too long since I've finished something - and then get a start on one of the larger projects on my list.

I just might be adding to that list, as I just may head out to the needlework shop tomorrow, and who knows what will catch my attention, especially with me being in the mood to start something new ;)

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