Monday, January 17, 2011

Goals for 2011

Last year I felt I wandered rather aimlessly through my stitching and knitting. I guess it reflected how busy life was for me - working part-time, going to school part-time, trying to keep up with housework, and trying to find balance for it all, and not subjecting husband and son to the stressed out me too often (I don't think I was very successful on that one). I'm still working on finding balance, but I hope that setting some craft goals will help me in the coming year.

2011 Knitting/Crochet goals:
1. Finish 1-2 pairs of slippers for husband
2. Knit a prismatic scarf for myself
3. Crochet another dish mat or two
4. Knit another pair of lined mittens for son
5. Knit some dish cloths for myself and mom

2011 Cross Stitch goals:
1. Finish Snow Family
2. Finish Living with Charm
3. Finish Sunflowers
4. Make progress on Fish City, maybe finish another page?
5. Start large Christmas project (combining 2 Lavender & Lace charts)
6. Finish some of the ornaments that I've completed in previous years but have not yet turned into ornaments

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